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How to install plastic safety fencing

The advantage of plastic nets!

  1. do not rust
  2. resistant to any weather condition
  3. rolls are light and easy to handle
  4. high tensile strength and tear and breach resistance
  5. easy to cut and quick to install

Materials you need:

  1. Millennium net
  2. posts
  3. bracing posts
  4. tension wire
  5. fastening wire
  6. tenax ties

Tools you need:

  1. guide wire
  2. marking chalk
  3. vortex wrench
  4. mallet
  5. pincers
  6. bubble level
  7. gloves
  8. measuring tape

A – Installing the posts!

How to install the posts

  1. vortex system
  2. drilling the soil with a drill to create the hole for the post
  3. hammering the post with a mallet

post interaxle spacing: about 2 m
post depth: about 50 cm

See video for full description and tutorial on installing plastic safety fence.

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